Our range of auto electrical parts is very extensive and if we don’t have the part in stock we would be surprised. Bosch, Hella & Narva are well known brands and you can’t go wrong with their continued quality they offer.


The Bosch brand regardless of products or services sold, represents quality, reliability and performance to you as a customer. It is a well trusted brand.

  • Condensors, contacts & coils
  • Spark & glow plugs
  • HT leads & kits
  • Starters, alternators and parts

StarterBosch spark plugAlternatorBosch single condensorBosch pointsBosch ht lead kits


  • LED Lights

  • A one off cost, ‘Fit and Forget’ solution.

  • Work Lamps

  • When safety and productivity are a priority, superior illumination is essential.

  • Marker and signal lamps

  • A wide range of conventional lamps for the commercial transport industry.


We supply whatever cable & parts you require and in whatever length needed to connect your wires whether it be speakers, trailer plugs or rewiring your vehicle.

Click on the images below to read more detailed information about the Narva products.
Narva single coreNarva multicoreNarva speaker intro